Keynote, Pages & Numbers



Iv been doing some research on applications for Ipads similar to Microsoft Office because that used to be my ‘go to’ software when completing an assignment on my desktop. I then found Apple’s alternative to Powerpoint, Word and Excel: Keynote, Pages and Numbers.

These were a bit pricey (compared to other apps in the app store) selling for $12.99 each however they are very useful and work perfectly on my Ipad. Pages is a defiant upgrade from Notability in regards to writing my essays. The user interface creates a simple, easy to navigate space for efficient, fast work.
Does anyone else have these three applications on their Ipads? If not, what apps are you using to complete your work??

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Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio


Even with the app Notability for taking notes quickly and efficiently in lectures, I still found typing a bit tricky using Apple’s onscreen keyboard. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great keyboard! But after typing long essays it begins to get a bit tedious and almost uncomfortable.
I then found the Logitech Keyboard Folio for IPads! This is such a great idea especially that it doesn’t just act as a portable bluetooth keyboard but it doubles as a durable repellent case for your IPad!!
I spent some time shopping around for a portable bluetooth keyboard but nothing really was worth their prices BUT THIS! I find myself flying through essays and note taking with this keyboard!!

I would like to know if other students with IPads use bluetooth portable keyboards, and finds the onscreen keyboard really annoying after time.
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I just bought this app called Notability on Apple’s  App Store to assist with my note taking during lectures. I bought it on sale for $3.79 (40% off). I found this app very useful for Uni, it lets me sketch some of my ideas, annotate notes, complete worksheets, keep a journal and record lectures, I even write my essays using this app! The overall design and user interface throughout Notability is quite beautiful and very easy to use, there are small animations which makes interaction with the app very enjoyable.
Notability also has the capability of backing up your notes and work into Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or WebDAV. You can also easily share work through Twitter, Facebook or Airdrop. I found this very useful to send notes to friends who have missed a lecture or two and visa versa.
Overall this app has made my note taking very enjoyable and efficient during my time at Uni!

I would like to know what other IPad/tablet computer users use to quickly get down some notes, or even write lengthy documents.

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My IPad


This IPad I was given from my University is such a handy piece of technology!

It’s great to make notes during a lecture, or even record the whole thing to re-watch it later.

The fact that it was free of charge really was helpful because I couldn’t really afford an expensive laptop. 

I cant wait to use my Ipad further in my studies! 

Promotional Strategy Document

I will create a Facebook page for Ashley Katchadourian with a supporting profile picture (which will also be seen in other supporting artworks throughout). This Facebook page will contain Ashley’s opinion about the use of tablet computers in Universities but still leave the topic open for readers to comment their views. I will invite my friends to this page to start the fire to this online discussion. The second use of social media ill be implementing is WordPress, this blog will assist me in developing an online discussion with not only peers but other guests to the page. This blog will also feature my persona’s (Ashley Katchadourian) opinion and experiences for the chosen technology. The use of tagging the initial post with her opinions will increase the amount of views making the discussion much more interesting. The final use of social media ill be utilizing is Instagram, Ashley will post a photo of herself and the technology with a supporting caption briefly explaining the discussion and her views. The Instagram page’s ‘about me’ will contain a small synopsis on herself outlining what the page is generally about. I will be posting a few photos of the chosen technology and other innovative gadgets to keep viewers interested; these will also be containing tags related to the topic to increase viewing numbers.

Ashley Katchadourian

Ashley is 19 years old living in Western Sydney with her family. She is currently unemployed but devotes all her spare time to her studies. This is her second year studying Journalism at University of Western Sydney; she is very passionate about writing creatively. She has started up a blog which focuses on certain topics she is interested. Before Ashley enrolled to the University she was given an IPad to assist with her future studies free of charge along with the other students enrolling the same year. Being unaware of this addition to her enrollment at UWS she began saving to buy a laptop to take to and from University to assist her with the course; but being unemployed proved to be a big disadvantage. Once given the IPad Ashley didn’t have to worry about finances towards a laptop/tablet. The free device is currently helping her with her note taking and keeping on top of her assessments. Ashley believes that tablet computers (most specifically IPads) should be given to students free of charge as a technological tool to enhance and assist their studies. Image